Coronavirus / COVID-19

In response to the additional risks of the coronavirus XLNT Catering has put in place the following Policies to minimise the risk of contracting and transmission of the virus

Strict food hygiene rules are already in place, but extra vigilance will be taken at all XLNT Catering outlets which will include

All food production and office teams briefed and monitored with regards to the following

  1. Strengthened hygiene, sanitization, availability of disinfectants at all access points to the building  - All staff to Sanitise before entering the building
  2. Shared equipment - phones, headsets, presentation laptops, clickers to be cleaned between each use.
  3. All staff to Inform a manager if a journey outside of the UK is planned. – Staff will be required to complete a return to work questionnaire before returning to work
  4. Inform a manager by telephone if you experience any flu like symptoms before arriving to work – you may be asked to self-isolate until a diagnosis can be made. 
  5. When entering work premises, before removing personal clothing, all staff to thoroughly wash their hands with handwash and then use sanitiser. 
  6. Please also adopt extra hygiene awareness at home and whilst coming to work.